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My 360 Hates me… A Remix

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Anyone who was on the site yesterday will know that a personal PS3 rant from Gareth landed up causing quite an explosion within the PS3 community, from our own comments section to local forums.

We did not anticipate the response but found it interesting to say the least and had some people questioning if we would ever do one for the Xbox 360 as well. Truth is, we don’t have to.

One of our readers redirected us to a thread about our article that had been started on the PS3za.co.za forums and in it, I found an absolute gem of a post by one who goes by the name of Valente. What it is, is a “remix” of the article but this time, modified for the Xbox 360 instead of the PS3 and with quite a comedic twist to it as well.

I had a really good laugh reading through, as will you and the towel comment is absolutely priceless although he does also speak many truths as well.

Give it a read and let us know what you think, after the jump.

“So yesterday, I decided after a long debate with a friend of mine to sell him my 360. It was an old Core and he wanted it because it was cheap. So with the money I went and “upgraded” to the new 60gb with 1 Controller and a copy of Viva Pinata. All was good and I was when happy until I got home.

The happiness ended the moment I opened the box and unpacked it, because as I really should have known they ship 360’s with the bare essentials. The console is not even HD ready out the box and that’s right, I forgot to buy an HDMI cable. Besides that, just the experience of unpacking the box was disheartening. No controller charger, why not just throw in a cheap one with some 360 branding and Wi-Fi, that would be nice too.>

So after my trip back to the store to pick up a Controller charger, a towel and a Wi-fi adapter I was now ready for online gaming – well, not really. At this point i would just like to note that in the box of a PS3 system, you get a Mini-USB cable, Wi-fi and a Blu-ray player. But that aside I finally get to plug the 360 in, gaming goodness couldn’t be far away now…

But it was. Firstly of course, it’s a new console so it needed an update to NXE, unfortunately the update took an hour. Another thing I noticed was that the 360 sounded like a Boeing 747 taking off. With that finally done and another 10 minutes or so to set up my profile, to my shock and horror, I noticed that I actually needed to pay to go online. I was furious, why would I pay to play over my own internet?

Anyway, I popped in Fable 2.“Oh look it’s updating”, “oh and there’s another 10 updates to follow”, that’s fantastic. While it was updating, I went to the store and got me some Earmuffs to drown out the sound of the 360’s Jet engine. So after what was the longest update(s) of my life – around 45 mins, I could now play games. A couple of minutes later, my dog walked in and bumped my 360. A horrible noise entered my ear’s and there was a nice round engraved scratch on my disc. It was unplayable. Too bad then that After 3 hours worth of cables, fire extinguishers, updates, Live, scratched disc’s and whatever I really didn’t feel like it anymore.

This all did however get me thinking this morning. I thought the updates were necessary because the “glitches” in Fable 2 was not great, but Gears runs fine (well the online doesn’t), and it doesn’t need an update? The sad ending to all of this is that Christmas is coming and a lot of people may be receiving 360’s for gifts, I just think it really sucks and borders on unacceptable that all the stuff needed to enjoy your 360 could be ruined by the infamous RROD.”

Anyone keen on hooking us up with a Nintendo Wii Remix? Not that it matters, the Wii has sold a gajillion units and will probably continue to do so even if news spread that it was killing small animals.

source: ps3za.co.za

Thanks to Valente for the post. I think half of the PS3 forum nearly died of laughter yesterday afternoon.

Last Updated: November 19, 2008

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