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Namco Bandai files lawsuit against The Witcher 2 developers

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Looking forward to some man-witching action your console soon, after PC gamers were raving about the excellent Witcher 2 game? A lot of people were happy with the final product, giving the game rave reviews, and paving the way for The Witcher 2 to be released on Xbox and PS3. Except publisher Namco Bandai isn’t too happy about how they’ve been excluded from the console version of the game.

In a lawsuit filed by the distributor of the PC version of the game, Namco-Bandai alleges that CD Projekt RED broke several agreements with them when they decided to allow THQ to publish their game for the console market, such as removing the DRM protection on the title.

CD Projekt RED CEO Adam Kicinski doesn’t seem too worried about the proceedings though. As he further explained that;

The agreement that we signed last year, concerned only the distribution of The Witcher 2 for the PC. The records were carefully clarified to avoid any ambiguity. Namco Bandai have options when choosing the priority of our distributor’s version of the Xbox 360. It could use, but not taken advantage of certain preferences. In this situation, we chose the offer that THQ made us.

Our financial situation is very good at the moment and the lack of a few million does not have any impact on current activities. Withholding of payments means only that after some time, our partner will have to give us the money.

While its unfortunate that such proceedings are happening, it is reassuring to see how professionally the development studio is handling the situation. The Witcher 2 is still currently on track for a release on consoles towards the end of the year.

Source: Destructoid.com, Gamepur.com

Last Updated: July 8, 2011

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