Need for Speed Underground reboot: It ain’t happening

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NFS Underground

Here’s one for the scrap heap of hasty reporting: For a brief while, it looked as if the faster and more furious Need for Speed classic franchise, Underground, would be returning with some HD go-faster stripes and an oversized rear spoiler. Turns out, that nothing could be further from the truth with that story.

Criterion, who have been developing current games for the series with Most Wanted and Hot Pursuit being recent examples, shot down those rumours.

Studio head Alex Ward took to Twitter via CVG, and issued the following statements, after a supposed logo had been shipped off and had made the online rounds:

So there you have it, no Need For Speed Underground reboot whatsoever. I loved the original game, and the entire tuning and tweaking aspect gave it an edge thanks to the rise of the custom car culture that was growing at the time.

Plus, I was totally baws when it came to those split-second drag races. How do you feel though? Happy that a classic is staying in the past, or sad that we won’t see a current-gen pimp my ride?

Last Updated: April 15, 2013

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