Nerdgasm : Tokyo Scientists Use Wii Remote for Tactile Holograms

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Sony’s motion controller? Prehistoric! Microsoft’s Natal? Hah, that’s old hat! I’d not even mention the Wii’s antediluvian Wiimote, except for that fact that’s it’s being used being used in what I would like to call “The Future”

Some clever white coated Japanese fellas at the University of Tokyo have created 3 Dimensional Holograms that appear to have mass. They’ve done this by using a hologram projector, a concave mirror, Airborne Ultrasound Tactile Display, a pair of  Wiimotes and presumably, magic. The objects appear to be falling from or floating in mid-air – and here’s the kicker – the ultrasound device makes gives the objects tactile response – providing, for example, the sensation of rain falling on your hand.

Once again, coupled with Natal I could see this sort of technology completely revolutionising the Adult Entertainment Industry, although I’m not sure what ill effects – if any – might result from blasting one’s genitalia with ultrasound. Oh, and it could probably be used for games too.

Hit the jump for a demonstration video.

Last Updated: August 7, 2009

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