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Last week, we finally got official confirmation that Borderlands 2 is in development, with Gearbox Software once again preparing to take players on another adventure of  mindless violence, foul language and insanely ridiculous characters. Thanks to some info from the print edition of Game Informer, we now have some concrete details on what to expect on our second tour of Pandora.

If you became quite attached to your Soldier or Siren classes from the first game, then you might be disappointed that their classes are being scrapped for four entirely new ones. So far, the first confirmed class is the Gunzerker, a burly midget that can dual wield any weapon in the game thanks to his special ability.

Missions will have a more dynamic flow this time around, with failiure resulting in the storyline shaping itself around your quest, to provide a more unique experience.

The element of Eridium will also be present around the planet, and can be collected so as to im porve upon weapons and vehicles, or can be traded as a form of currency. Enemies will also be smarter, with their own signature class of weapons, while NPC characters will present themselves as more formidable allies this time.

But the biggest difference so far, is that all the original weapons from Borderlands will be scrapped for an entirely new armory, with manufacturers now having guns that more accuratelly refelct their work ethics, through style, colour and abilities, while some guns will even have temporary special abilities.

Fortunately, the skill tree system is still largely the same, with players being able to tailor their class to any one of three specific skill-sets. Vehicles will also be more varied, with one vehicle being tailored to suit the four player co-op that is being teased for the sequel.

No solid release date has been announced yet, but players can expect the game to launch during publishers Take2 fiscal year next annum, which is between April 2012-13.

All I’m asking is for Claptrap robots to be present, and I’ll be happy.

Source: Gameinformer via Gametsu


Last Updated: August 8, 2011

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