New Bulletstorm trailer pokes fun at Halo 3

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Remember the colossal advertising campaign that Microsoft pushed for the launch of Halo 3? For months before the game released Master Chief was everywhere. He was even in a really impressive set of diorama-themed trailers. Remember those? They were actually incredibly eerie and very well done. The camera panned slowly through an expansive scene of a Halo battle, complete with Master Chief’s limp body being held up by a victorious Brute. The UNSC forces were just getting smashed in that diorama; it was kind of depressing.

The trailer was made even more evocative when they turned it into a mock historical documentary complete with an aged supposed war vet from the battle depicted in the diorama. It was so moody! Because the whole thing was set in “The Museum of Humanity” it implied that in the future, humanity would be in a lot of trouble. Very effective, great trailers, made me really want to kick some ass in Halo 3. Too bad I hated the game.

Now Epic has done their own diorama trailer. It’s a complete rip-off of the one Bungie and Microsoft did for Halo 3, but it’s also really, really funny. Both developer and publisher are making sure that everyone knows Bulletstorm is going to have a sick sense of humour.The Halo trailer and Bulletstorm’s rip on it are after the jump.

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Last Updated: January 12, 2011

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