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New Downloadable Contra is Contra in Everything but Name

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I have a soft-spot for Konami’s games from the 80’s most notably Contra. It’s the game that made the infamous Konami code the gaming staple it is today. news has come that there’ll be a new Contra headed to our favourite console stores; PSN and XBLA.

Hard Corps: Uprising is a direct sequel to Contra : Hard Corps – the only Contra game to make it to the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive (which some of you might remember as “Probotector,” because killing robots isn’t as bad as killing people).

Strangely, Konami have decided to drop the Contra name..for some reason I  just can’t fathom. Also strange is the studio that’s been given licence to make the game. Development is being handled by Arc System Works, the developer and publisher of the Guilty Gear games and BlazBlue. A contra game isn’t exactly their area of expertise – but at least you know you’ll be getting some delicious art.

Hard Corps stands as one of the most brutally difficult Contra games I’ve played. A difficult game in a series known for its difficulty. Apparently Uprisingwill uphold that legacy, and keep the difficulty intact. For the sissies among you, the new uprising mode though allows you to take 3 hits before giving up the ghost, making for a considerably easier game.

Judging by the single image available at the moment, it looks pretty goddamned rad.

Source : IGN

Last Updated: June 4, 2010

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