New From Twisted Pixel : Comic Jumper – The Adventures Of Captain Smiley

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Twisted Pixel are well on their way to becoming the darlings of Xbox Live Arcade. Their first XBLA game, “The Maw” did decent business, but introduced gamers to the sly sort of humour that they’re known for. ‘Splosion Man, their most recent offering offers some of the most fun, back to basics game play available on the online platform.

Their newest game already looks like it has the makings of a hit, if its hilarious teaser trailer is anything to go by. Comic Jumper – The Adventures of Captain Smiley sees you in the shoes of the eponymous protagonist – a buff, dual-wielding, goofy smiley face whose sidekick is a grump star on his chest – as you’re transported from the pages of one comic book to another.

Still in pre-production, the game is still at least a year away.

Last Updated: September 8, 2009

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