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New Games for Windows Features Coming with Grand Theft Auto 4 PC

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Games for windows hasn’t been the huge success Microsoft was hoping for, but they do appear to be beating this dead horse until it gets up off the floor and starts running again. It’s been 2 years since the service debut and Microsoft haven’t been short of improvements. With Grand theft auto releasing on PC in November as a GFW-branded game it brings with it “a revitalized Games for Windows Live experience.” This upgrade includes an out-of-game client and marketplace, much like XBox Live has, two of the most-requested features for the service since its launch.

Microsoft’s going to have its work cut out for it in their renewed attempt to go up against Steam and Shaddock’s new Impulse service. Over the past few years, Steam and Steam Community have managed to gobble up much of the marketplace for the online PC gaming experience, becoming the standard, go-to service for buying games and maintaining a friends list for many. Of course, GFW does have the benefit of being plugged into Box Live and having Achievements. And don’t forget, it’s now free. In addition to GTA4, several other upcoming big-name releases will also be sporting the GFW logo on their covers, including Fallout 3, Dawn of War II, and Quantum of Solace.

What do you think? Does GFW have any chance, is there enough on offer to actually convert user’s from steam. My honest opinion – no I really don’t think there is, had Microsoft really thought out their plan from the beginning, had GFW always been free, maybe things would be different now.

Last Updated: September 23, 2008

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