New-gen GTA V will have a day one patch

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It’s becoming increasingly rare these days to get a new game, and be able to play it without having to patch the damned thing. The very thing that made consoles such a hassle-free gaming environment has all but disappeared, leaving console gamers at the mercy of a myriad of patches and updates. Assassin’s Creed Unity had a rather large day one update, and it seems that GTA V will too.

While there’s no indication of its size, Rockstar has said that gamers should expect a day one update for the game.

“In order to experience the game properly, please make sure you install this update before playing (like all title updates, it will be applied automatically as long as you are connected to the internet) We will be looking closely at your feedback from the initial launch days on the new platforms to help inform other future dynamic tuning changes and title updates as always.”

This is an area where Rockstar – who’re firmly in control of their public relations – are masters. By letting users know well ahead of the game’s release that they can expect to face a patch, they effectively quell the otherwise inevitable internet outrage that follows when companies  keep consumers in the dark. It’s one of the reasons that anything Rockstar makes seems to get a free pass… even if it is a bit rubbish.

The game’s out on November 18 for the Ps4 and Xbox 1, with a PC version coming in January.

Last Updated: November 13, 2014

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