New IP keeps things fresh, says Sony

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It’s pretty obvious that the current crop of consoles, the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox are soon to die off, replaced with next-generation hardware. You’d imagine that for a company with as rich a gaming catalogue as Sony, they’re try push their newest, most groundbreaking games to new hardware – giving gamers a reason to purchase them early. That’s certainly not the case with Sony; two of their most refreshing new IP’s – The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls are both coming to the PS3 in the twilight of its life. Why?

“When you launch a new IP it doesn’t have to be when you’ve got a brand new console. We’ve got to keep the new IP going,” Sony’s UK boss Fergal Gara said to MCV. “For me, what’s most impressive about the new IP… has been the diversity of it, the fact that it’s appealing to different consumer groups, radically different consumer groups. Take Beyond and Book of Spells, they could hardly be farther apart.”

“New IP is the lifeblood of the industry and I don’t think that is limited to a current generation cycle anyway. It’s not a conversation I’ve had but I don’t see any immediate reason why, just like Gran Turismo, you don’t go from platform to platform and keep on going,” he said

“What we presented at E3 makes the best of our broad strength – handheld, console, motion gaming– it’s a really interesting hybrid of all the bits coming together so that’s exciting and that’s what we should do as a format holder. We want to be and we are dedicated to being a broad church,” Gara asserted. “That’s what we are and that’s particularly important being fairly well on in the life cycle of the home consoles – embracing both your core audience and the people who can still come into that.”

I can’t say I care much for Wonderbook: Book of Spells, the J.K Rowling approved quasi-game that brings literature to life; I think there’s enough inherent magic in words alone, and don;t think there’s any need to merge games and books. However, I’m terribly excited (as are many of you, even the most ardent Pc gamers) Naughty Dog’s intriguing The Last of Us – as well as Quantic Dream’s Beyond. The other new Sony IP’s that’re coming excite me a little less; there’s LittleBigPlanet Karting (not strictly new, per se) and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale – an unshamed appropriation of Super Smash Bros. As I’ve said numerous times – I’m completely ok with that, if it’s fun – and it certainly looks to be.

Unfortunately, with these great games only coming next year, there’s little in the way of Sony exclusives games for “core” gamers this year – so Sony’s taking the time to focus on the casual money.

Last Updated: August 3, 2012

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