New Metro 2033 Screens

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Metro 2033 Mutant

We haven’t been following the development of Metro 2003 that closely but the story line has always interested me and these new screenshots are looking really good.

The story behind Metro 2033 is that in 2013 an apocalyptic event pretty much destroys humanity and the few survivors are forced under ground as the surface has become a toxic wasteland.

The survivors are forced into the Metro system in Moscow with each group setting up unique ‘towns’ in the Metro stations. You have lived your entire life underground but now you need to make your way over to the other survivors to warn them of an impending doom.

It sort of reminds me of Fallout but in more a FPS way than a RPG way.

Check out the reflection of the mutant in the shot above and we have more screenshots through the jump.

Metro2033_1 Metro2033_2 Metro2033_3 Metro2033_4 Metro2033_5

Metro 2033 will be coming to an Xbox 360 near you in Q1 of 2010

Last Updated: December 3, 2009

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