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New PS3 announced at TGS

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I don’t know whether to feel bad for us that we forgot about the Tokyo Game Show starting last night or feel worse for TGS as it really has arrived with a whimper this year. Either way news is coming out of the land of the rising sun that a new PS3 was revealed at TGS last night.

The new PS3 has been rumoured for a while and has now been revealed to be a super slim PS3 which is 50% smaller than the original PS3 and 20% smaller and 25% lighter than the current slim PS3.

From what I can find out they haven’t added anything else to the console and this is simply a redesign to save costs and improve reliability.

The new PS3 comes in three flavours, a 500Gb and 250Gb Charcoal Black version and a 250Gb Classic White version.

The black version is expected to hit shelves on the 4th of October, no news yet on a local release date, and the white version just in time for Christmas on the 22nd of November.

Whether this means that the PS4 isn’t coming in 2013 anymore or if it is just Sony prepping for a long tale is up for debate though, I personally can’t see them giving Microsoft another years head start so if Microsoft are ready next year the PS4 will be as well.

[Update] We have the official image up top now and it sure does look sexy

Last Updated: September 19, 2012

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