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New Skate 3 Trailer Shows Bigger Focus On Community

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The skater is a special and unique creature.

When seen in the wild, one will notice that their way of living is somewhat different to other creatures. Bathing is not their primary concern and they have aggressive tendencies when performing their ritualistic dance, which involves battle cries and breaking their skateboards on other objects or people.

What any observer will quickly realise, is that the Skater is a pack-animal and they move together in large groups, often recording each others actions.

The folks working on Skate 3 seem to have picked up on these facts and have taken what looks to be a Skate 2.5 and are strapping on a ton of multiplayer features for people to be able to enjoy their experience together.

Skate 3 hits in 2010. Trailer after the jump.

Last Updated: November 6, 2009

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