New Sony Ericsson Aino Launches – Can Control Your PS3

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Today Sony Ericsson launched their new phone called the Aino and with it the ability to use it together with your Playstation 3.

You simply register the phone on the remote play settings on your PS3 and voila! With the phone you can do quite a few things together with you PS3, here’s a list:

  • Turn your PS3 on and off
  • Browse and control the XMB
  • Access the internet or any DRM free content saved on the drive
  • Sign into PSN and even message your friends
  • Shop in the Playstation Store
  • Watch and record live TV using PlayTV

That’s some pretty groovy stuff if you ask me. I did however find it funny that Facebook was still chosen as the application of choice for the product shot of the phone. Maybe one day Facebook will release a console too and this will all be easier for everyone.

Source: EU Playstation Blog

Last Updated: October 14, 2009

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