New South African game–Fleet of One

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Sometime in this cloud of E3 madness I received an email from a local games designer, Colin Payne, stating that they are going to be releasing a new locally made game on iOS and Android in July this year called Fleet of One.

The official blurb for the game is

It’s a battle of one against one thousand!

Blast through 18 stages of frenetic arcade action to save the galaxy from  the invading Vellanoid armada.

You are the Fleet.

You are the galaxy’s one hope.

And comes with this very simplistic video

Now I’ll readily admit it doesn’t look ground breaking but it’s locally made and it is actually getting released which is a change from a lot of locally designed games that disappear or sit in beta forever.

We’ll hit the game up when it launches and see if it really is just a space invaders clone and whether it brings back all the nostalgia those games used to have for us. Or if it’s something entirely different.

Last Updated: June 12, 2013

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