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New StarCraft 2 World Champion

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Over at BlizzCon, the StarCraft 2 championships took place this weekend. As you might expect, the two finalists were Korean, as Kim “sOs” Yoo Jin took on fan favorite Jae Dong for the prize of $100k and the title of World Champion.

Going to five games, Jae Dong simply could not overpower sOs, who took the series 4-1. You can watch the final match here:

Maybe it’s due to some awkward shout casting, or maybe it’s because StarCraft 2 just doesn’t have the same spectator value of the team-based eSports, but it seems like this isn’t as electric as The International or ESWC. The crowd that attended at BlizzCon is certainly amped to watch the match, but that energy simply isn’t as contagious as I’ve seen in covering other matches. Or maybe it’s just because the fan favorite didn’t end up winning the thing?

I just still can’t get over how fast StarCraft 2 players are. As reported, professional players can get up to 500-600 actions per minute, which is ten actions per second. That is insanely fast, and accurate. I know MOBA and FPS eSports athletes are also quick and precise, but this just blows my mind. How slow would I seem to them?

Are you a StarCraft 2 fan? Is this your eSport of choice?

Last Updated: November 12, 2013

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