New The Order: 1886 screens emerge

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The Order: 1886

One of the games I’m most eager for on the PlayStation 4 is The Order: 1886 from the talented folks at Ready at Dawn and produced by Sony Santa Monica. They’ve proven themselves to be a capable studio, with their handheld God of War games and Daxter on the PSP. We saw a tiny bit of The Order at the PlayStation 4 reveal in February last year, but very little since then. Here are some new screens.

The Order ScreenshotThe Order Screenshot

The Order ScreenshotThe Order Screenshot

They come courtesy of Sony Santa Monica’s newly redone site via eagle-eyed neoGAF users. That doesn’t really tell us very much at all. What I do know about the Order is that it’s running on Ready at Dawn’s own RAD Engine, which is a technically rather impressive thing. I got to see a demo of the engine running last year, and it promises a wealth of physics-based effects that we’re not used to seeing in games at the moment.

It uses digital materials to build its scenery instead of plain textured polygons, which attempts to give everything a “real world” feel, with the physical properties you’d expect of them. It also incorporates soft body physics instead of the rigid stuff we’re used to. It’s really all rather impressive stuff, and it gets me incredibly excited for the sort of stuff we can expect from this and other impending games in this new generation. You can read more about the engine here.

As for the game itself, we don’t know much. It’ll be a game that blends history, fantasy, sci-fi and mythology, with kick-ass guns that throw out bolts of lightning. It’s all set in revolutionary, alternate history London, which makes a nice change from all the games set in a post-apocalyptic New York. We don;t know when it’s out, but it needs to hurry up.

Last Updated: January 29, 2014

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