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New Tweet from Blizzard suggests Efi Oladele is building a robot

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Overwatch developer Blizzard are getting real smart with their upcoming heroes. With Sombra, people were literally digging through data to find hints about her, almost “hacking” their way through the information, and now with the latest character (hero?) Blizzard are at it again.

In a Tweet yesterday Blizzard revealed a shopping list of items which look like what a robot would need in the Overwatch Universe. The list belongs to Efi Oladele, an 11-year-old genius inventor who was revealed last week by an Overwatch Atlas News post on Blizzard’s website. The news report was talking about Efi who had recently won a Genius Grant from Numbani’s Adawe Foundation, and this could be her shopping list?

So what exactly are these things? We all know what a chassis is, but the OR-15 are the robots which used to protect Numbani and have since been destroyed. This could elude to some black market selling Robot Parts, or she’s going to salvage. I’m not too sure what a “Brandford arm” is, and it seems nobody does. The Fusion Driver, which is term often thrown around in science-fiction movies, doesn’t relate to any Overwatch lore I’ve looked into, but like I said it’s quite a popular term. The “Tobelstein Reactor” seems to be a gravitational control device in the Overwatch lore, as it’s used in Zarya’s gravity gun. The theories for this is that the new hero will be some sort of support hero with the ability to use gravity to protect and stop attacks on teammates. The theory kind of makes sense if you consider it’s a young girl whose city was torn apart and now she’s making a robot to protect her and everyone else.

Next on the list is the colour scheme, and this is where it gets interesting. Before we talk about the colour, notice underneath on the list is an “Axiom Vocal Processor.” All around Numbani are Axiom posters, and these robots which feature on the posters match the colour scheme.



On the top right of the list is what looks like an Axiom processor, or chip and if you look a the top left you’ll see a rough sketch which doesn’t really look like the robot in the images above, but kind of does. The Lucio-Oh’s are an obvious choice, they’re delicious, but the colour scheme is also odd familiar to what Lucio wears.

We’re now in that stage where we’re all guess what the next hero will be, but it’s an interesting stage as it unlocks parts of the lore most of us had overlooked, like OR-15s and the Axiom posters. Let’s have some fun, shall we?

Last Updated: February 28, 2017

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