New Wifi Adaptor coming for the Xbox 360 – Same old idiotic price

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According to an unnamed industry insider Microsoft are preparing to release a new WiFi adaptor for the Xbox 360 which will be faster and more reliable than the current version.

The new 802.11n adaptor will hopefully enable you to stream HD movies and other intensive content without the need for buffering but to be honest it’s not like I am rushing out to get one for two main reasons.

Firstly my 360 is plugged into an ethernet cable which doesn’t have to deal with any signal problems… ever.

And secondly have you seen the price for these Xbox 360 wireless adaptors? The current one is retailing for R1189 at BTGames, I could get a wireless hub for under R500 that will perform the function and just slap that behind the box if I really wanted to suffer with a wireless connection.

Some slight good news is that the current adaptor is expected to receive a reasonable price drop when this new one is released. Though I expect that will be a clearance sale than anything as it doesn’t make sense to sell an outdated adaptor when the new tech hits the market.

Last Updated: September 16, 2009

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