New Xbox 360 Dashboard snubs Indie Devs

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Oh dear, there’s just no pleasing everybody is there? Yesterday Microsoft dropped the Fall (whatever, it’s Spring here) Xbox 360 dashboard update. It made things look all shiny and clean and new. It also looked as if my avatar had been stuck on a medieval stretching rack for an hour or two.

Anyway, the update did more than mere cosmetic alterations; it shuffled stuff! Important stuff like the Xbox Live Indie Games. That section used to be found in the Games Marketplace – which is an obvious place to find it. It’s no longer there and some Indie devs are pissed off.

The XBLIG store is now accessed through a section for speciality shops, which includes the Avatar Marketplace and the Game Room content shop. The Indie devs are arguing that their content used to be found alongside traditional Xbox Live Arcade games, thereby giving their hard work some well-deserved acknowledgement. Granted, not all XBLIG titles deserve that nod, but most definitely do.

They’ve begun sounding off on the XBLIG forums and some are more than unhappy about the change: “The XBLA studios wouldn’t put up with XBLIG on the same screenspace, MS want us all to swallow their **** and move over to get ****ed as WP7 developers – who will updoubtably [sic] be treated in the same shoddy, half-baked way as we have when the project fails – which MS mobile offerings always, ALWAYS do.”

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Not that they’re bitter or anything. Xbox Live belongs to Microsoft; they can so whatever they want with it. Indie games attract a particular type of gamer, and those gamers are the ones what will still browse the XBLIG section no matter where it’s been moved to.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: November 2, 2010

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