New Xbox One bundles don’t cost a cent more [Update]

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Buying a new console is a special day in any gamer’s life. You want to go home, plug the thing in and start enjoying a new generation of gaming. This means you’re probably going to need a game with your new, shiny hardware, which makes console bundles such good idea. Microsoft understands this, which is why they’re bundling even Xbox One games for free now.
At least, that’s the case with one of the newest bundles they’ve announced. Coming exclusively to the USA, and in limited supply, is a new Madden 15 Xbox One bundle. The bundle will offer a download token for this year’s Madden title and retail at $399. That’s the same price as a regular, Kinectless Xbox One console, which definitely makes it an enticing offer.

But what about the rest of us? Well rumors are swirling around the possibility of the white Xbox One going on sale soon, which will have Sunset Overdrive included in the bundle. The white Xbox One was offered to Xbox employees exclusively last year, but we all knew it was a matter of time before everyone else could get their dirty hands on it.

A listing for the console, bundled with the game, was leaked on a French retailer’s website yesterday. The listing was quickly taken down, but not before a few people took note of the price. The website priced the bundle at €399.99, which means it could be another bundle that offers a game at no extra cost.

The idea of a Sunset Overdrive Xbox One bundle isn’t a new one. When asked about the possibility, developers Insomniac Games told fans to “stay tuned!”

Will we see an official announcement at Gamescom? Possibly. [Update: Microsoft has confirmed that a white Xbox One, bundled with Sunset Overdrive, will release later this year. The bundle is set to retail for $399, which is the current price of an Xbox One with a Kinect. Sunset Overdrive will be released on October 28th, so the bundle is expected to release sometime afterwards.]

Last Updated: August 5, 2014

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