It is that time of the year again! The grass is turning green, the birds are singing and over in New York another Comic Con is over. According to everyone that was there, it was quite fun – especially the bits that had the organisers hijacking people’s twitter accounts.  A lot of people did the Cosplay thing, something that has finally really caught on in South Africa if what I saw at rAge was any indication.

The NY Comic Con certainly looks like it was a lot of fun. Many people decided to be Batman, but hey who wouldn’t? I think people like Batman because it is a lot easier to have a six pack in his costume than it is in the Superman or Green lantern costumes.

To everyone that does not know, the NYCC is an expo where people can meet various comic book artists and also anyone can dress up like their favourite characters from anything they want. This includes Japanese Anime, manga, and tentacles. I personally like this year’s Classic Harlequin, for…um…various reasons.

Ok I am guessing that I have talked enough and everyone has got the general idea, below are some pictures that some people took at this years New York Comic Con.

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