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New York State Looking To Issue Emergency Warnings Via Xbox Live

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The world is changing and jee-golly-whiz would you believe that there are some people who are actually willing to change with it.

A new initiative/program from New York State’s government is realising that they have to keep with the times and start looking at the world a little differently. They have begun using Twitter to spread information, they try and help people on Facebook who start sound overly suicidal and are even doing some Second Life training.

These people are what I like to call: Non-morons, un-stupids or even anti-thicks. So what are they planning for Xbox Live?

The idea is pretty simple. A lot of kids of today are spending more time playing games than they are watching TV or listening to the radio. So the idea is to use services like Xbox Live to actually reach out to those people in times of emergency.

Example: You are just chilling playing some games on your Xbox, you hear a ba-looop coming from your Xbox.

“Ah, is that a message from a friend, maybe it’s an invite to a game?”

“No, it is in fact a warning that a Tsunami is headed directly for my face, I had better get the hell out of here.”

Pretty neat idea right? I thought so. I can’t wait to see the fanboys bring this one up in an argument. “Oh yeah, well at least we will still be alive when aliens attack”.

Source: Information Week [via Joystiq]

Last Updated: November 24, 2009

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