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News corp drops IGN from its stable

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News Corp is that evil organisation that owns Fox News, 20th Century Fox, BSkyB, Sky News and pretty much every other media outlet on the planet… well that is apart from IGN which they have now offloaded to Ziff Davis instead.

IGN is the worlds largest video game website which News Corp paid $650 million for back in 2005. It isn’t clear what Ziff Davis (owners of 1UP, askmen.com and others) has paid for it but the rumours are under $200 million making this a major money loser for News Corp.

But seriously why does anyone care who own them? Well I care because since they are so powerful they could theoretically pressurise game studios to do things; and with News Corp being well known for being untrustworthy I personally am glad they no longer have their sticky fingers in the industry I care about.

That and they are Australian so we are by law not allowed to like them.

You can read IGN’s own take on it here including a great Yolandaism like

“This is one of those great cases where two companies are pair well with each other.”

Boerewors curtain FTW

Last Updated: February 5, 2013

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