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“If you want to look at comparisons with our other competitors, to maximise Xbox 360, you need Media Centre, you need a PC. And now if you want to play high-definition movies (and we can argue which format is going to win) you have to spend another $249. Xbox is significantly dearer than PS3 for what it can do straight out of the box. Then you have Media Centre, HD-DVD drive, wireless adapter.”

Well it’s nice to see the Sony guys all received the same press release from Sony Head Office. Look how cheap the PS3 is compared to the 360 if you add in all the optional extras.

While it might be a valid point it still doesn’t get away from the PS3 costing R3000 more in SA than the 360. As nice as high definition movies might be I personally don’t have a HDTV yet so that Blu-Ray drive would be a bit of a waste. Never mind the fact that there are still no Blu-Ray movies for sale in South Africa.

I want a games console to play games, if it can play DVD’s or even Blu-Rays then great. If not I really couldn’t care less. I prefer having the option to buy the extras if I want them and not have a format pushed onto me.

I think for now I will sit on the side lines until I get a HDTV and then I’ll see who is winning the HD battle and get a dedicated player then.

Source: News: Don’t compare PS3 with Wii, says Sony AU –

Last Updated: March 1, 2007

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