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Next Call of Duty called “Black Ops”

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The site for the next, Treyarch-developed Call of duty has gone live – and the game will be called Call of Duty : Black Ops, bringing an end to speculation of its setting. Contrary to previous rumours and speculation, the game will not be set in Vietnam. well, not entirely.

While the site doesn’t divulge much information, previous rumours about the game being called Black Ops may be true.

Rumours then included word that the game will be set in multiple periods in history – featuring Black Ops operations in the Cold War and World War II, all the way   present day, with missions in Vietnam, Cuba, South America and Iran. Seems the phantom raid theory might still hold some water.

Those same rumours also said the Zombie mode would be making its return – along with dedicated server support for the PC version. People learning from lessons? No way!

Treyarch have this to say on their blog :

“We at Treyarch are excited to reveal our latest development – Call of Duty: Black Ops! Be sure to head over to CallOfDuty.com/blackops as more details begin to unfold! Follow @JD_2020 and @Treyarch on Twitter for the latest news & discussions regarding Black Ops.”

Until we have some credible news to report, check out the official site here

Remember that the first trailer for the game airs on GTTV tonight.

Last Updated: April 30, 2010


  1. Dark

    April 30, 2010 at 14:37

    Operative word “Treyarch”


  2. CamperKiller

    June 8, 2010 at 22:25

    Thanks for the news! Zombie version returning. PC getting real servers? Sounds great.


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