“Next gen” no better than Crysis 3

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Crytek’s Cevat Yerli is beginning to sound like a bit of a stuck record. If he’s not harping on about “free to play” being the future of video games, he’s going on about how Crysis 3 is the most technically beautiful thing to happen to videogames. Here’s him doing both.

"I actually think people will be astonished that next gen launch titles from other companies might not be much different from Crysis 3" he said to CVG, one again trying to convince you that Cryengine 3 is “next gen”

“Crytek’s projects generally will be way above what we’ve achieved on the existing consoles," he affirms.

While that might be true of the visually superior and rather pretty PC version, the console versions of Crysis 3 just don’t look all that fantastic. That’s what “next gen” will aim to fix. Although honestly, as I’ve said before, I’m mostly happy with video game graphics as they are right now; what I’d like to see is smoother framerates, more physics and significantly better AI.

That aside, you probably won’t be playing any of Crytek’s “next gen” games on your “next gen” consoles; Crytek’s once again stated its intention of transitioning entirely to free-to-play.

“We decided five or six years ago that we want to marry the quality of triple-A games with the business model of free-to-play,” Cevat Yerli told Venture Beat. “And out of that position, Gface and Warface were born. And at that time, we decided some other games, in some of our other studios, would head in this direction.

But we kept pushing the quality bar higher on our console business, which is the main dominating business for the Western world, but we are observing, plainly — and we see this already with Warface — that the free-to-play market  is on the rise. I think over the next two to three years, free-to-play is going to rival retail with quality games like Warface.”

I think free-to-play is certainly on the increase – but because people are greedy it will soon devolve in to more instances of “pay to win,” where those who have credit cards get the best gear, while those who don’t have to spends hour upon hour grinding (something that’s already happening with Mechwarrior online and Hawken).

The more that happens, the more people will grow wary of the entire model.

For the record, Crysis 3 is out on February 22; just two days after after Sony’s “Future of PlayStation” event that could see the reveal of the PlayStation 4.

Last Updated: February 11, 2013

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