Next gen rumour of the day : Sony getting the jump on Microsoft this time

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Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is currently the leading global HD console. Many speculate that the primary reason for that is that they were first out the gate – launching an entire year ahead of Sony’s PlayStation 3.

It’s a mistake Sony’s not keen on repeating – and is reportedly set to pip Microsoft to the post when it comes to the next generation.

“Sony are completely in the belief that they have the jump on Microsoft this time,” said one of VG247’s sources. “You should be watching the timing of next year’s E3 keynotes, and who’s going to go first.”

The source said that the design specs for Sony’s next console – possibly named ‘Orbis” – have been in place for nearly two years already. More interestingly, another source says that Sony’s ditched their notoriously difficult to program for proprietary API, and has opted instead for the industry standard DirectX – which would make development and cross platform porting significantly easier. It should – should – mean that that the first crop of games for the system won’t suffer from the same sort of teething problems we saw with the the PS3, as devs tried to get their heads around the new API.

According to another source, Sony’s favoured publishers are already in the loop.

“Top line publishers already know about it,” the source said. “Developers working with publishers – like Ubisoft, for example – already know what’s going on. They’re already working on it.”

Apparently other developers will be treated to a briefing towards the middle of this year – which makes it unlikely that we’ll see anything of the new consoles at this year’s E3 – but that next year’s is going to be rather interesting.

Last Updated: April 3, 2012

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