Nintendo could be “on the path to irrelevance”

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Nintendo’s latest console, the Wii U continues its struggle for relevance. The 3DS is doing pretty damned well though – but still, in a bit of irony, Nolan Bushnell thinks the company is troubled, and on the path to irrelevance.

Speaking to the BBC, Bushnell said of Nintendo:

I don’t think handheld game-only devices make sense anymore, not when you have an iPod or an Android microtablet.

When it comes to the console market, I think the market is truncating.

Nintendo always had a soft spot for young people – they sort of did the 12-and-under pretty well, and the other guys did the 12-and-over.

And now I think the other [consoles] are good enough on those things, and the rush to upgrade from the 12-and-under is not nearly as important.

Because of Nintendo’s apparent focus on kids, Bushnell prophesies  that Nintendo "could be on the path to irrelevance". The irony, of course, being that Bushnell started Atari, which once the premier name in videogames, has become one of the most irrelevant.  His next venture, the Chuck E. Cheese’ pizza and entertainment centres is itself well on its way to irrelevance.

Nintendo’s stock have recently hit another low, falling 7.3 per cent – enough to have it excluded from the Nikkei 225. Smart money though, would be to buy Nintendo stock for cheaper right now and reap in the profits once that new money-printing Pokémon X&Y is released in October.

Last Updated: September 9, 2013

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