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Nintendo needs a new direction. As much as I love the Wii U, it has not been a successful console. Plenty of people have ideas about what Nintendo can do to save itself, but it seems that they have their own vision. It may be unusual, but it just might work.

According to Satoru Iwata speaking at a special business strategy meeting, the main theme for Nintendo will be health:

What’s Mr. Iwata going to focus on for the next 10 years? The main theme: enhancing the quality of life through entertainment. The key word is health, Mr. Iwata says. Citing a flood of wearable devices already on the market, he says Nintendo is trying out something completely new: non-wearables to monitor your health.

It may seem really silly, but look at the enormous success of Wii Sports and Wii Fit. Plenty of people, young and old, became more active thanks to silly Wii games. There are still Wii bowling leagues for the elderly. Personally, I don’t even own a scale – if I’m really that interested in weighing myself, I use the Wii Fit balance board. In fact, that board is closer to a doctor’s scale’s accuracy than the scale at the gym.

Say what you will about Nintendo, they do know how to “gamify” the most random things, and I have a feeling they will get some fantastic technology on the market to make health and fitness fun. There are so many tools and toys for this on the market, I think Nintendo could find a way to innovate and surpass the rest. Now, if only their toy could make me jump like Luigi.

Last Updated: January 30, 2014

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