Nintendo isn’t doomed, but the Wii U might be

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Nintendo has revealed its quarterly earnings report (via neoGAF), and it seems that on the back of a weaker Yen and exceptional performance of its 3DS, the company is back in the black and is actually making money again instead of pissing it away. Hooray!

They’ve actually made significantly more money than they expected, netting 8.62 billion Yen, far higher than their expectations of just 1.3 billion Yen. Most of that is due to the weaker Yen, but also very strong sales of the 3DS which has shipped through 1.4 million units worldwide in the last 3 months, along with 11 million software unit sales. The 3DS shipments may seem a little low; but actual sales of the thing are on the rise, eating away at previous overshipments. 

We all know that the Wii U has been doing terribly, but the earnings report shows us just how badly. According to the report, Nintendo shipped just 160 000 Wii U units worldwide between April and June. Of those 90K were in Japan, 60K in the Us and just 10K in the rest of the world, including the UK, Europe, Australasia and South Africa.

That’s shipped and not necessarily sold – so it’s possible that a number of those units are still sitting in warehouses and storerooms, unsold.

These sales are before the release of Pikmin 3, and there’s new first-party Nintendo game coming every month this year – but just how much that’ll change the system’s fortunes remains to be seen.

Last Updated: July 31, 2013

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