Nintendo sold 335 000 New 3DS in a weekend

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I’ve been playing a lot on the New Nintendo 3DS lately – and it’s made me fall in love with the handheld all over again. The new, super stable 3D makes such a difference that I’m replaying old games in 3D, where I’d previously turned the effect off. I’m not the only one enamoured by the New 3DS; in its launch week, Nintendo’s sold through 335 000 of the things.

It was released in the US and Europe this last Friday, and has sold 175k units in the US and around 160k in Europe; which is not at all bad. Compared to Japan though it’s a wee bit poorly. The system sold 230,000 units in the land of the rising, 3-dimensional sun in its launch weekend – cementing the idea that the country’s all about mobile gaming.

Still, it’s enough that there seems to now be a bit of a problem getting stock of the New 3DS XL in the US. Many are complaining that they’re unable to buy the thing, even if they wanted to. For whatever reason, Nintendo opted to skip releasing the smaller New 3DS stateside.

As for the titles that launched alongside the new system. Both The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate have sold rather well.

Majora’s Mask 3D sold around 340k in the US and 230k in Europe. The last Legend of Zelda title, the excellent A Link between Worlds sold just 180k units in the US and 150k units in its launch weekend. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate sold around 110k in Europe, with no figures available for the US.

Not bad, Nintender. Not bad.

Last Updated: February 17, 2015

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