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Nintendo, what have you done?

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There’s a special kind of hell for the worst of humanity. Hitler gets pineapples shoved up his rectum every day. Ted Bundy gets his ass kicked by buff ladies who happen to be indestructible, while Chairman Mao is stuck behind a McDonalds counter in hell serving an endless queue.

And then you get these advertising schemes, made to cash in on Christmas with as much gusto as a fat guy at all you can eat MSG buffet. We don’t know what we did to piss off Nintendo exactly, but prepare yourself for four minutes of annoying screeching, performed by over the hill has-been Mariah Carey and that weird Justin Bieber lady.

Incomprehensible crooning and capitalism-worship butchering of a timeless Christmas classic after the jump. You were warned.

Last Updated: December 1, 2011

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