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Nintendo Wii U New York Press Conference wrap-up

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Since the first Wii U press conference was mostly Japanese, it’s time for a western touch from Nintendo for their next-gen device. Here’s all the highlights and details from that New York press conference.

Nintendo COO Reggie Fils-Aime arrives on stage, and thanks everyone in attendance, physical and digital, for being there. And then Fils-Aime gives us some actual details for a chance. The Wii U will arrive in the Western world, November 18, in time for the holidays. So we’re actually getting a new console before Japan. That’s a precedent!

Fils-Aime starts talking innovation, and then details that shoppers will get two versions of the console. The Basic white model, and the Premium black model. Nintendoland comes with the Premium model only.

The two sets, have the same extras and specs as their japanese counterparts. Nintendo Wii hardware, such as controllers, nunchucks, are all backwards compatible with the Wii U. The basic console will cost $300, the Premium $350.

You’ll want to consider a new Metroid attraction in NintendoLand, Fils-Aime says, before talking some more about the game, and then handing the stage over to Bill Trinen and Corey Olcsvary to talk about Metroid for NintendoLand.

Metroid Blast is shown off some more, but the game has clearly been refined. it’s pretty much a cutesy Metroid game, complete with oversized heads, as the Wii U pad controls the characters.

The duo wrap up Metroid, and start talking more NintendoLand, with another “Team Attraction”, called Pikmin Adventure. Now for New Super Mario Bros U. You can use your own Mii character, or any other one that you create in it. The game has a map with a “wholly interconnected world”. Lots of levels and secrets to uncover, according to them.

An objective-based level option is also teased, along with other ideas, before we cut to Lego City Undercover, which is essentially GTA, but with PG Lego blocks. You’re playing as an undercover agent in that Lego world, and a pre-order nets you a Chase McCain action figure (in the game).

Fils-Aime is back on stage, telling us that it’s time for something completely different. Somewhere out there, John Cleese feels a tingling sensation on his neck. And that different feature is…

Nintendo TV, which forms an entertainment pillar of support, says Fils-Aime, expanding the capability of Nintendo to provide a deeper support. Oh wait, it’s Nintendo TVii. A demo video plays out, showcasing TV shows, sports movies, and services such as Hulu and Netflix, while accessing live Twitter feeds.

Zach Fountain, the brain behind TVii, arrives to talk more about it. Nintendo TVii has three parts to it, personalized content guides, the ability to start programs from the gamepad as if it were a remote and the ability to engage friends over live TV. Fountain calls the game pad a true second screen.


TVii can also be customised further for different family members, while content learns from your viewing preferences. So live TV is being teased most definitely, but who knows how that will work on our side.

So a big focus on the Wii U as an entertainment hub, much like the Xbox 360, so far. More talking about television content, such as DVR compatibility, as well as the fact that Fils-Aime really loves watching Modern Family. People can also comments on shows, with those tags popping up on a timeline.

Then sports content appears, as we;re told that favourite moments can be shared and commented on. And that’s it for Nintendo TVii, which will focus first on American and Canadian territories. It’s included in every Wii U console, and costs consumers nothing. Subscriptions for services, will cost you though.

“It’s our goal to maximize consumer value with what we include with a hardware purchase”, Fils-Aime says. |Wii U not only changes the way you play, it’s also the first seamlessly integrated second screen experience”, Fils-Aime continues.

And free video-chat services as well. Time for some more games, with the guys from Platinum games. Bayonetta 2 is a Wii U exclusive! And there’s a second game teased, something cuter though, by the name of The Wonderful 101. Deformed cartoon characters fighting massive monsters.

batonetta 2

Capcom is bringing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate to Wii U and 3DS next year, exclusively. And now Activision takes the stage, with CEO Eric Hirshberg arriving. “This November, Nintendo will bring freshness to video games”, Hirshberg says. “Our industry is going through a time of disruption, from new competition, new devices, new business models”, he continues.


Hirshberg proclaims the Wii U to be a capable paltform for the type of games that Activision makes. Activision is working on multiple titles to arrive in the Wii U launch window. Hirshberg gives way for a demo video, showcasing Skylanders Giants, Wipeout the TV show, 007 Legends and Transformers Prime: The Game, before the video ends. No Call of Duty is shown whatsoever, in a sea of cartoony-looking games.

Hirshberg starts talking about the games shown, describing them further. Hirshberg doesn’t exactly sound excited, until he mentions Call of Duty Black Ops 2 for the Wii U. Hirshberg brings two guys in to demo the game. One of them plays with the pro controller on the screen, the other uses the game pad itself. Visuals look pretty decent on both devices, running at 60 fps.


From split-screen to two separate full-screens, says Hirsheberg, as he describes customisation options for players. “You’ll get the full Call of Duty experience on the Wii U” hirshberg says as he finishes his presentation, giving way to Fils-Aime once again.

Fils-Aime tells us that it’s still too early to guarantee which games will be available from launch day, but that it will be strong, as he tells us that there will be 50 games launched between November and March next year. Time for another sizzle reel.

And with that, the conference is over, as Fils-Aime tells us that the Wii u is an agent of change, for gaming and TV. “It’s the next advance in gaming”, Fils-Aime says to close the conference off with another highlight reel.


Last Updated: September 13, 2012

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