Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata back at work,possibly immortal

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Say what you like about Nintendo, but they may be home to some of the hardest workers on the planet, an ethos that extends to the upper echelons of its management. Take for instance, head banana Satoru Iwata. The Nintendo chief executive had to excuse himself a short while ago in order to have some necessary surgery to remove a bile duct tumour. Surgery which he apologised for, as he felt bad about it making him unavailable to Nintendo and its consumers. But he’s feeling much better!

Back at work after his June surgery, Iwata has resumed his regular day to day duties according to Reuters. The Nintendo boss has been under tremendous pressure as of late, due to the Wii U struggling to find any relevance as of late. Despite some truly fantastic games being released for it this holiday season. On the lighter side of things however, those games are indeed having an impact on Nintendo sales. The company has made a quarterly profit, and Wii U sales are slowly picking up.

As for Iwata, he explained that he happens to be feeling much better and a bit lighter as well. Iwata then excused himself as he proceeded to pull out a ceremonial sword that he used to behead a co-worker and absorb his quickening, before joining an oddly-dressed Sean Connery on the beach for some fun on the sand.*



*That’s a complete lie, but it would have been cool if it did happen.

Last Updated: October 30, 2014

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