No free roam during MGS 5: The Phantom Pain missions

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People are excited about the open world, free roaming aspects of the new Metal Gear Solid installment. Riding around on a horse, getting up to absurd adventures is part of what’s making this game so appealing. However, it’s not totally open world.

Over on Metal Gear Informer, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain’s Director Hideo Kojima explained a bit more about how the missions will work in relation to the open world gameplay.

The game director explained you can go anywhere in free roam, however once you’re in a mission, there’s a specific mission area. If you leave that area during the mission, you fail said mission. When you’re free roaming, you can go around the game world freely doing side quests and other things.

There are even hints that you might fail the mission if you procrastinate too much.

While this isn’t a major issue, I do find it a bit surprising. Sure, plenty of open world games work this way – you can do what you want most of the time, but when you’re on a specific mission, you need to stay in the relevant area. That said, with the move to the new generation of consoles, a lot of games are able to give players more freedom in how they approach missions, getting rid arbitrary mission failures.

I still think the game will be excellent, although I will probably be horrible at it. I love the stealth elements, but I’m just not good at real military stealth – it seems I’m better when my murder hood helps disguise me.

Last Updated: October 27, 2014

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