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No Man’s Sky can’t be spoiled

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No Man’s Sky is getting a ridiculous amount of hype, but I swear no one means to build it up into something more than it is. It’s just incredible to think that each of us can take on the role of space pioneer, exploring unknown galaxies and planets, charting a new course towards the center of the universe. With so many galaxies and planets, as well as a play style to suit any personality, no amount of gameplay footage can spoil the game – at least according to game creator Sean Murray.

The Guardian spent some time with Murray during E3 and he explains the spoiler-proof nature of his game:

In this era, in which footage of every game is recorded and uploaded to YouTube, we wanted a game where, even if you watched every video, it still wouldn’t be spoiled for you. And we wanted those discoveries to be meaningful in the sense that they could be shared with other players, all of whom existed in the exact same universe, rather than inside their own random dimension.

This is what I find so intriguing. So people might just choose to spend their first couple days of gameplay exploring their home world, charting its unique environment and checking out all the points of interest available. Another player might board their ship as soon as possible and soar off into space, discovering all the nearby galaxies and planets. Others still might take an aggressive stance, killing wildlife and attacking random space ships.

I’m convinced that I’ll take a more exploratory path. I have no interest in trading or fighting. I want to explore the planets, find new worlds, scan for life and resources and see what the vast universe has to offer. See, even if I captured hour of gameplay footage of that, you’d probably never encounter those same planets, or experience them in the same way. It’s simply incredible and unfathomable compared to traditional games. I wish I could just play it already, or at least had a release date to look forward to. No Man’s Sky feels like zen to me.

Last Updated: July 13, 2015

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