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No Man’s Sky may yet “reveal itself to be all that it can be”

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The silence from No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games has been deafening. Since the game’s release, we’ve heard very little from Sean Murray and the team at Hello Games regarding the game – though that could be because they’re likely still embroiled in and advertising standards Authority investigation.

Though many have enjoyed the game for what it is, most players feel as if they’ve bought a game full of empty promises. The game is a far cry from the sort of encompassing game that Murray suggested it would be in interviews following the game’s mind-blowing announcement at VGX a few years ago. People have been waiting for Hello Games to say anything about the controversial game. But they’re still silent.

Speaking instead, is Sony’s Shawn Layden – who chatted to PC gamer on YouTube about the game – and how it may yet reach its potential.

“Hello Games, Sean Murray and his team, had an incredible vision of what they were going to create. It was something that had never been done before. A very small team had a very huge ambition,” he said of No Man’s Sky.

“They’re still working on it. They’re still updating it. They’re working on getting it closer to what their vision was. And perhaps over time, it’ll reveal itself to be all that it can be.”

He suggests that, yes, hype got the better of Hello Games and they mayhaps took on too much for such a small team – but they’re not giving up.

“The games industry is where everybody has the courage to say yes. They want to try to realise their ambition. They want to try to make that vision. No one slinks away from a huge challenge,” he said.

“And sometimes you just don’t get all the way there the first go,” he added.

No Man’s Sky was released in August to mostly middling reception, followed by great disappointment and anger.

Last Updated: November 7, 2016

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