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No More 360 Price Cuts – says Microsoft

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Anyone who has been paying any sort of attention to the gaming industry knows that Microsoft have taken a very aggressive approach this year by making some major slashes to the price of their Xbox 360 SKU’s.

In an interview with Videogamer.com, Stephen McGill, the head of Microsoft’s gaming and entertainment department in the UK has said that he thinks that the Xbox 360 is “great value” and is at a “great price now”.

His explanation, after the jump.

He says that Microsoft won’t drop the price for “many many years in the future in the future I suspect” and also later goes on to say that:

“It’s great value. And I think the value not only comes from the price of the console but the content. With NXE launching and obviously that’s free for everyone, and the portfolio. There isn’t a better range of games and entertainment, basically fun, on any other platform, and we’re incredibly affordable.””

He is right though, the amount of console you are getting for the prices that they are now available is pretty remarkable and I really can’t see that Microsoft would even be able to lower the prices any further, at least not for a couple of years.

Sony on the other hand is holding tight with it’s prices. With the line-up that the PS3 has got going for it as well as the strong brand recognition worldwide, I don’t doubt that they will be selling consoles by the bucket-loads this Christmas either.

Source: videogamer.com

Last Updated: November 4, 2008

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