No more guns allowed on AppStore, says Apple

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Apple banning images of guns on AppStore

Getting on the AppStore is a very tricky thing to do. Apple has some strict guidelines on what they will and won’t allow on their store, which is good and bad in a few ways. While the AppStore is nowhere near the mess that Android’s PlayStore is, Apple sometimes goes a bit nutty and bans titles for no apparent logical reason. For example, having guns depicted in screenshots for your shooter, which is now not allowed by some brand new standards.

Several developers are reporting that Apple has clamped down on violence in screenshots for apps on their store, banning the use of weapons and an acts of killing from being shown. Tempo – a game that is featured as an Editor’s Choice on the store – has had to pixelate all their guns from screenshots, in order to stay compliant with the new rules. Another title, Rooster Teeth vs. Zombiens, had to change their NES Zapper gun to a baseball bat in a new update – because that’s apparently less violent.

However, it does seem that some games are being given a free pass, or at the very least Apple hasn’t reached them yet. An insanely popular Clash of Clans styled game, Gang Nations, features a cartoony depiction of an AK-47, while Bullet Rush openly displays guns such as Sniper Rifles. If Apple is so intent on enforcing this new law, why are only some games being targeted?

Regardless of that, the rule itself is a little ridiculous. The majority of games nowadays are violent by nature, whether is be military shooters or small little pixel men throwing axes at each other. Trying to censor that type of content will just drive developers away from the platform, simply because Apple hasn’t yet found a way to properly hide content like this from eyes that shouldn’t be seeing it.

Why that is now being made the problem of developers, I’m not so sure.

Last Updated: February 13, 2015

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