No More HD Cables Shipped With Xbox 360 Elite

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We recently posted the rumour that the Xbox 360 Elite was going to be replacing the Xbox 360 Pro in future, along with getting a massive price drop of around $100 US.

Now comes some bad, sad news in the form of a post on Kotaku stating that Gamestop employees have told them that the new Elites will not have the usual HDMI cable in the box. Sony was already frowned at for doing it with the Playstation 3 but regardless, Microsoft reckon it’s a good idea.

Thing is, a decent HDMI cable averages out at around R400, and with an expected price drop of around R800, we are actually only going to be getting half a price drop.

Granted you can find cheaper HDMI cables but a lot of folks out there are just going walk into the nearest store and ask for a “Aitch-Dee-Emmm-Whatsitsface cable” and then the store clerk gets to have fun deciding how much commission he feels like making.

Overall this is not good news, all HD consoles should come with HD cables in the box. Shipping one without them is just annoying and plain idiotic in my opinion.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: August 18, 2009

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  • eXp

    I actually agree. It’s like selling an Audi R8 with 14″ biscuit tyres. Sure, it may “save you some cash” but you bought the thing to go fast, so make sure it comes with everything I need to do so. :silly:

  • Someone

    It’ll still come with the HD comp cables so its not all that bad.
    I have an elite and not using the HDMI cables.
    The Comps are better coz of my setup.

    If it saves on cost of the console I think its a good idea.
    (your fault for being stupid if the sales oak cons you)

  • Well put.

  • Mark

    u can buy a R60 cable or a R2000 cable u still gonna get the identical picture anyways.

  • Apparently they won’t be coming with component cables either, just the regular SD cable that ships with the core/arcade.

    Got an HDTV?
    Pay more plz.

  • Phoreals

    Can someone explain the difference between a generic R100 HDMI cable from Toys R Us and a high end Monster cable for R800?

    I use the former, and the picture on my 1080p 40″ Samsung looks excellent. Do the expensive HDMI cables really make any difference?

  • As far as I know its only coming with composite. Let’s hope that it still comes with comps.

  • Only a fool pays R400 for HDMI cables, I did research with the HDMI council guys,they said the standards of manufacturing are so high for HDMI licencing,the min min specs cheap cables work the same as high end ones.Thats why I bought two HDMI cables for my 360 And PS3,R100 each. Works the same as the R400 ones.

  • Just,dont buy any with cheap thin covering. .obviously they wont last long.Went to HIFI CORP to get em last year,let the guy spew bs sales talk as to why I should pay R500 for 1 PS3 HDMI cable ,and how any HDMI cable wont work.I told him I’ll take my chances.It workd perfect.tried my buddies OFFICIAL PS3 hdmi cables,EXACTLY the same.this, on a 32 inch Bravia

  • lol hey Phoreals,hope that answers ur question.R100 Ellies Hdmi cable for both my 360 and ps3.even at 1080p. Its the same.

  • Someone

    OH NOES!!!! :shocked:

  • Thats the problem though, people dont know these things. My first HDMI cable was R400, because i didnt know better then, and you get worried and land up going for a branded one just to be safe…

  • 0rk0

    I’m almost 100% convinced, based on MicroSoft’s quality built console :w00t: ,that they didn’t give you a R400+ HDMI cable.

    You can probably buy the same quality cable for +/- R80 at any computer retailer. :biggrin:

  • I think you are probably completely right.

  • ewie

    It is the same, one is just branded.

  • easy

    don’t most hd tv’s come with hdmi cables? and is it not a waste of money for the console manufactures if they shipped every console with an hdmi cable seeing as not every one owns an hd tv?

    plus if you can afford a couple grand on a console, surely a couple hundred rand more wont hurt?

  • Mark

    They send they full signal or nothing @ all, so basically u are being ripped off by purchasing expensive cables. U get the picture or u dont. Its not like the good old days of RCA’s where u need gold plated and oxygen free cables and what not.

  • my Sony tv came with VGA cables for my pc. . .but not HDMI. .Thats weird. But,I recomment the Ellies HDMI cables.R100 and the workmanship is GREAT,the layer around the internals are GREAT and the connectors at both end are a kind of work of art.seriously,Its good quality.I was shockd at the price.Looks better than alot of the R400-R500 ones

  • easy

    i’ve got several cables at home, and they don’t perform the same. the one cable’s signal fluctuates while another actually drops the signal altogether intermittently.

    now i have two new cables which work flawlessly. maybe just bad luck…

  • easy

    if you’ve ever bought an audi, any audi, you’ll know that every single thing on the car is pretty much an extra!

  • Fox1

    Yeah. I only buy Ellies cables. The quality is excellent.

  • So you are saying you are quite happy to sacrifice a game to buy the cables that used to be free?

    I’m not so overly joyful about that…

  • easy

    basically, yes. if it enables a good price drop.

    i spent a lot of money on an hd tv and then spent more money on consoles.
    that’s a lot of money, more than i should’ve spent.
    then again, i have spent too much money of buying games.
    so if you compare what i’ve spent on hardware plus games, R400 for a cable is a drop in the ocean.

    R700-800 for ONE game is insane! R400 for a cable that last a lot longer than ONE game is reasonable!

    maybe i’m missing the point here?

  • Q121

    I was just about to say that

    BMW, AUDI and MERC make MOST of their money through extras

  • Phoreals

    So then its really not a big deal that the console now does not include an HDMI cable is it? Its equivalent to R100 price increase.

  • Phoreals

    You can get good HDMI cables for less than R100!

  • easy

    then that makes even less sense why people are having a bitch about this. :dizzy:

  • I feel it’s a sneaky tactic by Microsoft, they can’t sell a HD console and then take out some of the pieces required to make it play in HD… Sony did this and got slaughtered and I see no reason why Microsoft should get away with it

  • Dan

    Even in the “old” days you did not need the fancy expensive cables. Just a marketing gimmick.

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