No More HD Cables Shipped With Xbox 360 Elite

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We recently posted the rumour that the Xbox 360 Elite was going to be replacing the Xbox 360 Pro in future, along with getting a massive price drop of around $100 US.

Now comes some bad, sad news in the form of a post on Kotaku stating that Gamestop employees have told them that the new Elites will not have the usual HDMI cable in the box. Sony was already frowned at for doing it with the Playstation 3 but regardless, Microsoft reckon it’s a good idea.

Thing is, a decent HDMI cable averages out at around R400, and with an expected price drop of around R800, we are actually only going to be getting half a price drop.

Granted you can find cheaper HDMI cables but a lot of folks out there are just going walk into the nearest store and ask for a “Aitch-Dee-Emmm-Whatsitsface cable” and then the store clerk gets to have fun deciding how much commission he feels like making.

Overall this is not good news, all HD consoles should come with HD cables in the box. Shipping one without them is just annoying and plain idiotic in my opinion.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: August 18, 2009

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