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No Multiplayer for new Wolfenstein

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There’s a new Nazi-killing simulator in the Wolfenstein series coming to PC as well as current and next gen consoles next year. for people who grew up killing a mechanised Hitler, that’s pretty good news. It’s being developed by Machinegames, a new studio comprised mostly of former Riddick developers Starbreeze. And in an unusual move for a FPS in these modern, connected times it won’t feature multiplayer, at all.

That’s according to Gamespot, who chatted to Machinegames creative director Jens Matthies, who seems to have a bit of a soft spot for the franchise as a whole.

“It’s such a huge part of video game legacy,” he said. “If there’s a video game museum, Wolfenstein is in the first room. It’s the start of the wave that shaped the world of gaming.”

“On a personal level, I played this when I was younger and it was mind-blowing,” Matthies added. “I never then of course dreamed that I was going to be working with it. It’s both an honor and a legacy.”

Starbreeze had a knack for creating dark and engaging worlds, something I’m sure Machinegames will carry forward. I’m certainly up for a shooter without an unnecessary multiplayer element – particularly if it means a deep and engaging single player experience.

Maybe publishers are finally turning on to the fact that no multiplayer is going to dethrone the heavyweights like Call of Duty and Battlefield; people might play your game’s multiplayer for a quick break, but inevitably they’ll go back to what they know. On the other hand, maybe skipping multiplayer means we’ll not get the next “big thing.”

Do you think the lack of multiplayer is a good or bad thing?

Last Updated: May 9, 2013

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