No next-gen AC IV Fleet if you have too many friends

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If you’re playing the rather excellent Assassin’s Creed IV on one of the next gen systems, you probably already know that there’s a uPlay bug that’s preventing you from getting the most out of the game. Yes, that bloody awful uPlay DRM nonsense is making things break on console too now.

The Fleet minigame is the same single player content that was previously locked behind an online pass before angry people with keyboards helped Ubisoft see the error of its ways. They removed the online pass requirement – but things still aren’t working as they should. 

The Fleets game requires a log-in to Ubisoft’s uPlay servers, but a bug in the software is preventing access to those who have more than 99 friends.  Of course, it’;s something that could be easily remedied with a patch – but for a short-term solution you could try deleting a few people from your lists.

Both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 limited the number of friends you can have, but those limits have bee stretched a little in the new generation. The PS4 now allows 2000 friends, while the Xbox One has a new fandangled friends and followers system that they say is nearly unlimited – even if it is a little broken right now.

Last Updated: December 3, 2013

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