No Paid DLC for Super Smash Bros

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I don’t have any fundamental problems with DLC. It can, and often is used to expand the life of games and make them better; when it’s not used to nickle-and-dime consumers, that is. One bit of DLC that I do hate is when fighting games segregate their player bases by adding paid-for characters. For whatever reason, that sort of thing gets right up my nostrils; probably because I’ve been playing fighting games for forever, and think extra characters should be earned and unlocked. The DLC tactic is one that won’t be happening in Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros director Masahiro Sakurai said he doesn’t want players to feel as though Nintendo’s cut content from the game, purely for the purpose of making a quick bit of cash later on.

“I understand that DLC could add a lot to the appeal of Smash Bros.,” Sakurai told VideoGamer. “And I appreciate that a major part of the excitement for these games come from which characters will appear in the roster, so I think fans could really enjoy DLC that could keep this excitement going. However, I think there might be criticism that we are cutting up content to sell characters one by one, or that we are adding things later that should have been there from the start.”

The game has a roster that’s 51 characters strong, and though it won’t be getting a paid DLC character pack, does actually have one character that’ll only be available to people who purchase both the 3DS and Wii U versions of the game; Mewtwo. He is, otherwise, free. There won’t be any paid DLC though.

“Creating DLC would involve large additional costs and require the involvement of a lot of people,” Sakurai explained. “I can’t yet give you an answer about whether the price would justify the costs and criticisms mentioned above.”

Nintendo, of course, isn’t averse to DLC, though they’re fairly new to it. I’m glad though, that they’re at least the sort who won’t ripping content from games just to sell it later as DLC. the game is out for the 3DS, and is coming really, really soon for the Wii U. It’s apparently quite good.

Last Updated: November 20, 2014

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