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No Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2015?

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The latest game in the 16 year annualised golfing series, tiger woods PGA Tour 14 was released earlier this year. Yet another iterative update, the game makes a number of small changes to the formula – so hardly really worth the upgrade over PGA Tour 2013. Unless you were waiting for next year’s game – because it looks like it’s not happening.

In an effort to cut costs, it appears that Tiger Woods PGA Tour has been put on a year-long hiatus – so the next game will make its appearance on next-gen consoles in 2015.

It seems that EA had outsourced PGA Tour 15 to another developer so that its internal studio would have two years to work on building a next-gen version of the game. When former EA boss John Riccitielo resigned, however, the outsourcing was canned as a cost-saving exercise – effectively halting development.

If Golf’s your thing, you might want to pick up Tiger woods PGA Tour 14, because there won’t be another release for two years. I wouldn’t, however, put it past EA to just rebrand 14 as 15 and sell it for a second time next year. It’s not like they’ve never done it before.

EA has recently been subject to as much as a 10% reduction in workforce across the company – and the decision to can one of its biggest earners, if true, is a brave one indeed.

Last Updated: April 29, 2013

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