No UK Date for Xbox 360 Elite – You know what that means

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Xbox 360 Elite

So Microsoft where kind enough to inform IGN this morning that the Xbox Elite does not currently have a release date set for any European countries. You know what that means… we have no information on when it is going to get released here then either.

Speaking to IGN this morning, Microsoft spokesperson Kate Szlendak said: “At the moment we have only announced details for North America and this does not apply to Europe”. So, we guess we’ll just have to sit around and wait for some EU price and release date details.

So do you think we will even get it here in the end? Hopefully so but personally I am much more interested in getting a Xbox Live! server in South Africa before an upgraded Xbox 360 when my Premium works fine.

I have sent of the usual email asking for confirmation but so far I have not received anything of any value…

Last Updated: March 28, 2007

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