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No Wang for you! Shadow Warrior delayed

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The remake of 3D Realms’ old shooter Shadow Warrior was set for release next month, but it’s now been delayed, meaning you’ll be waiting an extra month for your dose of Lo Wang.

The PS4 and Xbox One remake was scheduled for release on September 26 – a year after the Pc release – but has now been delayed to October. 

“In play testing we have been focusing in on the controller inputs and response,” said developer Flying Wild Hog. “We recognized that we needed more time to improve this as Shadow Warrior is an old school FPS and this demands perfection.

“Sadly this means a small delay in the release date, but Lo Wang needs to be at his best on these shiny new consoles.”

Those who buy it on PC get Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior for free, a crossover game that has you cleaning up the mangled and gibbed bodies of Lo Wang’s enemies.

“After the battle is over, someone has to cleanup the mess! Introducing Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior from RuneStorm, a unique crossover mini-game that combines the worlds of Viscera Cleanup Detail and Shadow Warrior. Step into the rubber soled shoes of the hapless janitor tasked with cleaning up Lo Wang’s mess after a devastating katana battle in the collector’s temple from Shadow Warrior. Mop up pools of blood, dispose of body parts, and get the collector’s gallery of antiques in tip top shape as quick as possible!”

Last Updated: August 28, 2014

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