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No-one knows the way into Titanfall Beta

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Beta testing is a major part of a game’s release, particularly any game with online elements. Even with beta testing, many games struggle with server issues and other glitches that simply couldn’t be seen without a large enough testing population. Titanfall looks to be an enormous release for Respawn and EA, presumably running a huge beta test – yet with two weeks to go, many still don’t know if they can take part.

Titanfall’s beta is set to launch on 14 February, but people still don’t really know how to get in on the testing. In general, high profile games give out beta invites to people who have pre-ordered the full game. However, this is not the plan with Titanfall. According to Respawn founder, Vince Zampella:

It’s believed that US gamers can get beta access exclusively from Gamespot while French gamers will need to go through Zappos, as we previously reported here. Yet with two weeks to go, it’s unclear how gamers can sign up to take part.

I hope that there are plenty of beta testers from countries outside of the US and Western Europe. I’m curious to see how the game copes for those without the local server infrastructure. I’m also hopeful that our local Microsoft office will organize some infrastructure to support the game, even if we only get it later in the year in advance of October when the Xbox One is rumored to get its local release. Finally, all my FPS training will pay off when I get to play Titanfall.

Last Updated: February 4, 2014

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