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Norway panics, removes games from stores

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Unless you’ve been living under an impervious rock for the last while you will know that a lone gunman in Norway recently killed over 92 people and then released a manifesto detailing his theologies and idealism.

Well as part of that manifesto he admitted that he used World of Warcraft as an excuse to be anti social and he also used Modern Warfare 2 to train for the day.

So now thanks to this Looney Tune a popular retailer in Norway has decided to remove the offending titles, and all others that are like them, off their shelves until a full review has been done as to whether or not these games are partly to blame for the tragedy.

Thankfully normal minded people all over the world know they aren’t, else we’d be seeing 20 million lone attackers roaming but that hasn’t stopped the understandable knee jerk reaction in Norway.

The company in question, Coop Norway, has also removed all toys that may look or function as weapons from the store shelves leaving little boys to either move to the dark side and embrace Barbie or play with cars… something that obviously has never hurt anyone before.

I wonder if the local diving stores have also decided to remove wet suits from their shelves as he was wearing one of those before he committed these atrocities?

Source: Rogalandsavis via VG247

Last Updated: August 1, 2011

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